With a growing roster of innovation-driven businesses, the N2 Innovation District focuses on the initiatives that can add fuel to this effort, including:

  • Co-working – A key component of any innovation district is a central location for convening and co-working. The N2 Innovation District is committed to working with building owners and community groups to attract co-working to the district.
  • Community – The N2 Innovation District creates a sense of community among the employees and employers of the area to encourage the happy accidents that encourage innovation. This means creating both the programming and locations that encourage interactions.
  • Transportation – The N2 Innovation District partners with the municipalities as well as state and regional transportation agencies to ensure that people can get easily to, from and throughout the area.
  • Housing – A key component of innovation is workforce housing. The N2 Innovation District is dedicated to encouraging the creation of affordable and varied housing to enable people to live closer to their employment.
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